According to the Australian Parliament House, disability service providers are a growing market. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) works hard to improve the quality of support services offered to our citizens. They make sure that providers follow all the requirements and that they are ready to offer services.

NDIS participants have the right to choose where to get their disability-related support services. They can choose registered NDIS providers, but not all can choose unregistered ones. This blog from Dominion Nursing Agency, a provider of nursing jobs in Australia, is here to explain the difference between the two. It can help you weigh your options and choose the right provider for you.

Service Provider: Who They Are?

In Australia, service providers are individuals or businesses that focus on providing specific support services for the elderly and people with complex health conditions. They can vary from different therapies, facility-based care services, homecare services, and more. There are providers that are established by big companies, small business owners, family-run businesses, and others.

Facts About NDIS Registered Providers

  • NDIS registered providers are those who have completed the registration process required by the NDIA. They are approved to deliver NDIS support services to its participants following the rules and guidelines set by NDIA.
  • Undergoing NDIS registration can be costly and lengthy. This is why more service providers choose not to do the process.
  • Registered providers can offer certain services that unregistered ones can’t. They can offer Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), Supported Independent Living (SIL), Plan Management, behaviour support or behaviour management plans, as well as supports that involve any restrictive practices.
  • The participants’ invoices are directly sent to their NDIS portal, which is very convenient.
  • Registered providers follow a price cap on their services given by the NDIA.

Registered or Unregistered NDIS Providers | Dominion Nursing Agency second

Facts About NDIS Unregistered Providers

  • It’s the service providers who don’t go through the NDIS approval process, but they can still help their clients.
  • Not all NDIS participants can avail of their services. They can accept NDIS participants that have self-managed plans.
  • Being an unregistered NDIS provider does not mean that the services they provide are of lower quality than those of their counterparts. As a participant, it is your duty to research the providers you want to work with. Their registration status does not matter as long as they are delivering high-quality NDIS services.
  • They provide convenience for NDIS participants in rural areas. Most registered NDIS providers are in the city, and some participants need to travel just to avail their services. Non-registered providers help them avail of their needed support services within their region.

Benefits of Choosing an Unregistered NDIS Provider like Dominion Nursing Agency


DNA is an unregistered NDIS service provider in Newcastle. We offer support services that are carefully planned and skillfully delivered by our support workers. All of our team members are screened properly to ensure professional and competent services. We believe that being an unregistered NDIS provider does not limit our ability to provide the most efficient, compassionate, and competent support services for our clients.

Aside from being a service provider, we also offer the following services:

  • We provide nursing jobs in Newcastle.
  • We have competent nurses for homecare services.
  • We are a care agency that delivers services with care and compassion to all clients.
  • As an aged-care agency, we make sure to find the right professional for each of our clients.
  • DNA helps in elevating the quality of healthcare in Australia as a nursing agency that prioritises the general well-being of the elderly and individuals with disabilities. 

If you need support services like a nurse at home, or you are looking for one of the best aged care recruitment agencies near you, contact Dominion Nursing Agency. Our lines are open 24/7 just to assist you in any way that we can.

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