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What is Aged Care?

For an increasing number of people living in aged home care, neither seems to be a choice nor a preferred option. 80% of aging people are willing to live at home rather than choosing residential in-home care facilities. But to safely and happily stay at home, some require assistance with in-home care services. Hence, Dominion Care Services has a wide range of aged care services.

For those who don’t know about aged care, we are here to help you solve your doubts. Aged care agencies are nowadays getting popular day by day and these agencies are offering great in-home care services. There are many people who are in search of the best care service provider, but how exactly would you know about the care services, which one is best and what services they provide?

Don’t worry, let’s discuss aged care and the different types of services.

What is Aged Care?

Aged Care Services are services given to older people at home or in aged care nursing. Aged Care Services can help with everyday living support, health and social care services, and more. There are many aged care agencies helping people at home.

In many countries, there are government-funded home care packages for older people. It reduces the financial burden of your loved ones and maintains independence and quality of life. At Dominion Care Services, our professionals can manage the care services efficiently.

Different Types of Aged Home Care Services

We have already discussed the aged care services; hence, we will further discuss the types of aged care services. People consider different aged care services depending on the circumstances; these include health and community support services, home care help for the disabled, home care management, etc. The type of aged care services your loved ones should choose depends on their needs and requirements. For instance: 80% of aged people consider living at home and prefer home care services.

Aged Care At Dominion Care Services

At Dominion Care Services, we specialize in various services that are provided by our trained professionals who are compassionate about their work. We offer various services from our skilled and specialized care staff to assist in-home care management. Some services include aged care nursing, patient care services at home, community support services, and home care services.

We are efficient at providing you with reliable home care services. Dominion Care Services is ready to take responsibility for all the possible needs of older people. If you are looking for a trustworthy service provider for your parents, connect with us today!

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