NDIS Funding Options and Fees

ndis support coordination

The NDIS completed its trial period in 2016, and its full scheme was rolled out same year. Whilst there are some areas already fully transitioned, there are still some areas in Australia still in the transitioning process. Dominion nursing Agency (DNA), could provide some help during your transitioning process. We also understand that NDIS application process can take some time to be approved, and you might need some support for the time being, we can also meet your needs through other various available funding options.
At Dominion Nursing Agency, your need is our priority, and we will do our very best to exceed your expectations. Our NDIS consultants can meet with you to discuss your plans and goals. Also, we are able to provide range of different support, If you already have a current NDIS plan.

NDIS is available under three primary processes

1. “You can choose a National disability Insurance Association (NDIA) representative to manage your funds”: The NDIA is an independent statutory agency, whose aim is to ensure people with disability get the needs you desire. Your Funding can be managed by NDIA representatives, and DNA can work hand in hand with you and/or your NDIA representative and arrange payment.

2. “You can manage, or chose a family member or trusted friends can managed your funds yourself”: If you are unsure of how to self manage your funds, DNA can support you my finding NDIS support coordinator who will be able to assist you. We will also negotiate and arrange payment options with you directly.

3. “Your funds can also be managed through Plan Management”: – If it’s the best option for you, you may have funding for a Plan Management service provider included in your plan. In this situation, the NDIS will pay your Plan Manager, who will directly pay for all supports you have asked them to manage. DNA will negotiate with your representative to arrange payment options
Combination of the above three options can be used together. No matter which option you choose, you remain in control of which support providers you ultimately choose and engage. DNA can support you based on your unique needs.