Registered nurses in Australia play a very important role in stabilizing the country’s health care system. There are lots of nursing jobs in Australia available for locals and foreign applicants. They need to fulfill the requirements established by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and obtain license and certification.

Nurses in Australia can be deployed to different healthcare settings such as:

  • Private hospitals
  • Public hospitals
  • Aged care
  • General Practice clinics
  • Community health services
  • Schools
  • Rural and remote areas

As the agency in Newcastle that provides emergency staffing solutions to different health care facilities, Dominion Nursing Agency shares how most of the nurses in Australia are assigned to be nurses for home healthcare. We can help you understand better the duties and responsibilities of nurses in homecare jobs. Continue reading this blog from Australia’s leading care agency.

What is a Home Care Nurse?

Most of the time, home care nurses come from an aged care agency in Australia. The elders need home care to assist them with their day-to-day living. A working nurse at home gives full assistance and support to their patients either for 24 hours or during the day only. They are considered the primary caregiver and companion at home. 

How to Be a Home Care Nurse in Australia?

A Home Care Nurse is usually an Australian registered Nurse (RN). You need to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and get a registration from the NMBA. You can also take a diploma in Nursing to be able to work as a Home Care Nurse. Getting specialist certification can be a plus point for you in your job hunt. After getting the proper license and certificates, it is also best if you have prior work experience in providing home care.

Aside from the nurse’s educational attainment, home care nurses should have the following key qualities:

  • Great problem-solving skills
  • Can follow instructions with precision
  • Have great report-writing skills
  • Responsible and compassionate
  • Have great mental and physical strength
  • Reliable and proactive especially in emergency situations

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Home Care Nurse

Most of the time, an aged care recruitment agency in Australia looks for nurse applicant that can confidently do the following duties and responsibilities as a nurse at home care:

  • Managing patient’s care plans according to their physician’s orders.
  • Administering proper medications and recording daily vitals.
  • Gives assistance in wound management and personal care.
  • Communicating with the patient’s family members for concerns and updates.
  • Educating patient’s family members with aftercare or ongoing care.
  • Having an open and regular communication with a patient’s physician.

Dominion Nursing Agency: Producer of Competent Home Care Nurses in Australia

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