The increasing population of elderly in Australia demands more attention to our healthcare system. Many residential aged care facilities are established but at present, it is recorded that more elderly choose to receive in-home care. Both ideas work on improving the lives of older adults and giving them the complete assistance they deserve. But there are certain reasons why most of them lean on the idea of staying in their homes.

Continue reading this informative blog from Dominion Nursing Agency. We are an aged care agency that creates plenty of nursing jobs in Australia. Most of the time, our clients seek the services of competent nurses for home care. Through these instances, we have come to understand why seniors decide on having in-home care rather than staying in aged care facilities. 

What Is In-Home Care?

Home health care is the process of providing care and assistance to older adults, persons with injuries or illness and individuals who require high-level care. Instead of receiving complete support services in medical facilities or residential care homes, you get it in the comforts of your home. More aged care recruitment agencies near you offer the services of competent and licensed nurses and caregivers. They are trained to cover all kinds of support given in a residential setting.

Benefits of Receiving In-Home Care for Elderly

This is the time where baby boomers made up our senior population. They are definitely not a small group in Australia; this is why the government created programs to address their needs. Different NDIS support services and aged-care nursing jobs in Newcastle are available with the help of an aged care recruitment agency like Dominion Nursing Agency. As a seasoned care agency, we are able to gather the top reasons why more elderly people choose to receive support from a nurse for home care.

1. Familiarity with their personal space

The saying “there’s no place like home” is truly sentimental and meaningful for the older population. They feel safe and secure staying in their homes. Accepting support and assistance can be easier for them because they are comfortable moving in their own place. They get to retain their usual routine and see familiar faces which is very hard to get used to in nursing homes. 

2. Retention of their independence

You make your own rules at home and nobody restricts you to do that. This is not the scenario in nursing homes. Elderly is used to having freedom to decide on their daily routine and home care nurses are there to support them physically. 

3. Preservation of social relationships

Young adults use technology to connect with loved ones and acquaintances, but elders are not that keen in taking in the benefits of technology. They are more used to personal interaction with the people near the proximity of their home. Taking them away from people with whom they shared life-long connections can negatively affect their mental and physical health. Homecare gives them the chance to stay connected with the people they cherish.

4. More affordable than staying in aged care facilities

Financially speaking, staying in nursing homes is more expensive than hiring a professional homecare nurse or caregiver. Depending on the elder’s health status or level of needs, they can choose to have homecare support for a few hours per day or 24/7. Paying for a support worker’s hourly rate is way cheaper.

5. Helps in improving overall health status

Elderly homecare has proven big improvements in the overall well being of elderly. Their physical health is monitored by a qualified nurse or caregiver. They get to enjoy their usual routine at home and spend time doing their hobbies. All of these factors help in maintaining overall health status.

Dominion Nursing Agency: Provider of Outstanding Nurse at Home

Choose the agency in Newcastle that can give you the perfect nursing staff or caregiver to care for you in the comforts of your home. DNA is here to make sure you get quality support services with compassion and kindness. Contact us now and experience DNA’s outstanding elderly homecare!

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