A nursing agency provides registered nurses (RNs), midwives, and enrolled nurses (ENs) to healthcare facilities across NSW. Aside from registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs), some agencies also provide certified nursing assistants (CNAs).The agency employs the nurses, who then work shifts at various hospitals, aged care facilities, and community health centres. 


Nursing agencies in Parramatta, Sydney typically have contracts with hospitals and other healthcare facilities. When a hospital or other facility needs nursing staff, they contact the nursing agency. Then they send nurses to work at the facility.


Let Dominion Nursing Agency, the best nursing agency in Sydney, educate you about how a healthcare agency like them operates.

Advantages of Working in a Nursing Agency

Working in the healthcare profession is one of the most noble jobs in the world. In Australia, more licensed nurses or healthcare workers are hired to provide disability care, elderly care and in general health practice. Below are some of the benefits in partnering with a nursing agency.


  • Nursing agencies typically charge higher rates than hospitals and other facilities would pay for the same nursing staff. However, nursing agencies offer a number of benefits, including: 


-The ability to find nursing staff at short notice 


-Flexible staffing arrangements 


-The ability to try out different nursing staff before making a long-term commitment 


  • Nurses working for an agency have the flexibility to choose when and where they work. They can also take on as many or as few shifts as they like, which makes work ideal for those who want to maintain a good work/life balance. 


  • Another advantage of working for a nursing agency is that you can gain valuable experience in a variety of different settings. This can be especially helpful for new grads who are trying to decide what area of nursing they would like to pursue as a career. 


If you’re interested in working for a nursing agency, the first step is to register with the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Board (NMBA). Once you’ve done that, you can then start applying for agency roles. 


Working for a agency is a great way to gain flexibility and experience in a variety of different settings. Aside from working in the hospital settings, you can be deployed to work with different disability providers in Australia and deliver disability support in NDIS.

Nursing Agency

DNA: The Nursing Agency You Can Trust

Nursing agencies can be a good option for both hospitals and nursing staff. However, it is important to carefully research any agency before using their services. Make sure to check references and reviews. You should also make sure that the agency is licensed and insured. If you’re interested in pursuing this type of work, you might want to consider joining Dominion Nursing Agency.

We are committed to helping both job seekers and healthcare facilities in Sydney. Partnering with us can give you great work opportunities and help facilities to the best team of healthcare professionals. Call us today if you are interested in our staffing services!

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