Nurses in healthcare facilities and care homes who work in a fast-paced environment while caring for patients, assuring families, and learning new skills are faced with demands that may be mentally, emotionally and physically draining  Many healthcare companies experience a high rate of nurse turnover due to the stress associated with nursing. Nowadays, there is a higher risk for nursing burnout among fresh graduates. When nurses leave their jobs, it’s a big problem for the healthcare industry and nursing agencies all over the world

In this blog, Dominion Nursing Agency shares the possible factors that contribute to healthcare worker turnover. We’ll also provide some helpful tips that we have been practicing in our health professionals nursing agency to prevent high nurse and staff turnover. Read on.

What Causes Nurse Turnover?

There are lots of reasons for nurses’ resignation and resolving the nurse retention challenges will help you maintain profitability, improve patient satisfaction, and develop a vibrant workplace. The following are some of the most common reasons why nurses quit their jobs:

  • Nurses are overworked, stressed out, and unsatisfied as a result of the high turnover rate.
  • Nurses face challenges such as a lack of career growth and control over job performance.
  • Nurses are not sensibly recognised or rewarded for their achievements
  • Nurses face a lack of connection with management while dealing with significant situations.
  • Nurses perceive little possibility for advancement.
  • Lack of trust and collaboration between coworkers.

How to Prevent Healthcare Workers from Resigning

There is no clear, one-size-fits-all solution for nurse burnout. There are strategies, such as offering appreciation, promoting breaks, and focusing on individual reasons, that have been observed to help nurses regain control over their emotions and restore value and happiness in their job.

Management and supervisors must be accessible to their teams and seek nurses’ input on significant work concerns. Effective interpersonal communication in both personal and professional settings can help alleviate stress, increase wellbeing, and so improve overall quality of work life. Therefore, empathy, collaboration, and relationship-centered communication may strengthen the healthcare team and establish a more collaborative and supportive workplace.

Additionally, clear communication of job expectations and performance must be sustained. If you don’t spread your messages out over a lot of different channels, you’re missing out on a huge chance to fully connect with everyone on your team.

Dominion Nursing Agency Supports Your Staffing Needs

It is common for healthcare facilities to deal with high staff turnover issues. It is advisable to think of strategies to prevent this, but for instances where you need to fill positions urgently, Dominion Nursing Agency is here to support you. 

As a leading health professionals nursing agency, Dominion Nursing Agency understands the needs of our nurses and we can help them achieve their career goals. As such, we are fully-staffed and can attend to your requirements. We specialise in delivering healthcare staffing services, connecting you with qualified healthcare professionals in Sydney, NSW. Visit our website now to learn more or call us for an immediate response!


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