Our Work as a Medical Staffing Agency

Dominion Nursing Agency is known to be one of the best nursing recruitment agencies in NSW. We may not be a registered NDIS Provider yet, but the quality of support services we offer is outstanding and exceptional. Moreover, we have a roster of well-experienced registered nurses and other healthcare workers that are part of our team. As a medical staff agency, our priority is to supply health workers in facilities, hospitals, and private residences in a prompt and systematic manner. 

DNA is a 24/7  staffing agency with communication lines that are open to accommodate even the emergency staffing needs of our clients. This is the reason why DNA is considered as one of the trusted medical staffing agencies in NSW. We are proud of all our medical staff and the quality of work they produce.

How to be an Outstanding Medical Recruitment Agency

To be recognised for having the best medical staff in Australia’s recruitment services, is a great honor for Dominion Nursing Agency. Helping the elders and people with disabilities is one of our core principles. We are proud to include different healthcare professionals in our team and supply the following: Assistant in Nursing jobs, practice nurse jobs, student nurse jobs and more.

 Another good thing about Dominion Nursing Agency is our mission to provide duties of nurse-on call in NSW. We provide 24/7 agency staff to address urgent vacancies in different facilities.

You can always rely on DNA’s expert staffing solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!